A few, good & confident

A common prisoner faces the toughest prison regime at the end of the Spanish dictatorship. Running away from the hostility and alienation of the prison population, he will find a more liberating opportunity than his own escape.


Miguel is a common prisoner serving time in the prison of Carabanchel (Madrid) in 1975. In his search for freedom and running away from the alienation of the prison environment, he will end up encouraging the first action that took place in Spanish prisons to call for the mobilization of common prisoners.

Title: A few, good & confident (Pocos, buenos y seguros)
Year: 2022
Duration: 19 min.
Country: Spain
Direction: Ales Payá & Gorka Lasaosa
Script: Taisen Francisco, Gorka Lasaosa & Ales Payá
Music: Taisen Francisco, Azeituniya, Domènec Ludeña, …
Cast: Pau Poch, Biel Montoro, Gorka Lasaosa, Alex Moreu, Albert Adrià, …
Production company: Empatik Films, Intemperie Producciones & Buho 44
Gender: Fiction / Action. Prison drama . 70’s. Historical. True events.
Format: Digital

CONTACT: info@empatikfilms.com